Changes to Worship Live

This is to let you know of some important changes we are making to Worship Live following our extremely successful hymn writing weekend in the Lake District.

You will have noticed that we did not produce a spring edition of Worship Live this year. This is for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is that in recent years we simply do not receive enough new material to produce a quality edition 3 times a year. After much discussion we have come up with the following plan.

We will continue to run our writing weekends, but broaden the scope to include the opportunity to produce other worship material including liturgy, prayers, drama, meditations etc. We hope that this will mean a return to more varied publication.
Editions will then be produced after each weekend with the bulk of material coming from the weekend – so, the next edition, containing material from our recent weekend, will appear in September 2017.

We will circulate the theme of each weekend well in advance so that those who are not able to attend the weekends still have the opportunity to submit material.

What will these changes mean to you?

  • We have decided to stop charging a regular subscription fee.
  •  If you pay by PayPal or standing order please make sure you CANCEL payments. If you decide not to ask for a refund, any money held will go towards administering our future projects.
  • There will still be administrative costs, so if you feel able to continue supporting Worship Live, either by a one off donation, or by regular giving it would be much appreciated.
  • If you would like a refund for any editions you have not received, please email and Richard will arrange a refund for you

What other changes are we going to make?

  • The small honorarium paid for administrative support will cease

Have we got any other plans?

  • The editorial committee are still committed to growing Worship Live.
  • We are planning a compilation publication which we hope to produce within the next 12 months
  •  We are planning a full index and searchable online resource

We hope that these changes will enable Worship Live to move forward in a positive way.

Please make a note of the next writing weekend which will be 16th – 18th March 2018. Full details will be confirmed over the summer.

We hope that you understand our vision for the future and feel able to continue to support Worship Live as we move into this new phase.